Creating your business site with a DIY website builder can make good, economic sense, but are the results good enough for your site to compete? The answer of course varies on the site builder that you choose. While there seems to be a new do it yourself builder launched every day, the good ones stand out. A great website builder  that provides the amount of customization that you want, while offering everything you need as a bundle, can make a huge difference in managing your web development expenses.

Mobile Friendly Website Builders Are A Must

When choosing your website builder, be certain that yours offers a fully integrated site or you will be throwing money out the window. Mobile website design is more important than ever, and is oftentimes not available when looking at the least expensive of the DIY site builders. Some statistics show that over half or the customers searching for goods or services, do it from their smart phone or a tablet. So being mobile friendly is more important than ever. Many DIY website builders lack the needed mobile capabilities and smart phone search optimization features necessary for success. The best DIY builders will help you create affordable websites with a mobile website builder fully integrated. The best site builders have everything you need for mobile search optimization already built in.

We took a look at many of the current DIY sites and the results were as expected, a lot are awful, many are average, and a few are real stand outs. We have highlighted a few to avoid, and three that are great options. Those to avoid do not offer the functionality necessary in today’s smart world, and even when low cost or free, do not provide enough value to make them worthwhile. The three that we like range from top of the line, spare no expense, to you really get a lot for your money, levels of service. All three of these great options have everything you need to create a dynamic and successful site. Let’s take a look:

Do It Yourself Mobile Friendly Website Builders

SiteZulu – the best things in life are not always free, and this site builder is proof. The editor is difficult to use and lacks the user interface necessary to maintain a dynamic site. While SiteZulu may have a lot of the features you want, wading through their interface may prove time consuming and burdensome. Avoid.

Doodlekit – also offers a free trial, but their features are out dated at best. The “free” level is something less than basic, and the add-ons, while costing more, do not reach the level of service necessary in today’s market. This service is do not provide the level of mobile design necessary in today’s market.

Jimdo – offers a bit more than the bare basics, but its template based configurations are clunky at best. Their mid-tier pricing and services do not make sense when compared with more robust models that are not that much more expensive. It is worth the extra money to go with a more complete site builder that will include mobile design integration.

Weebly – perhaps one of the better known, and trusted web builders, Weebly offers everything that you need. From web creation, SEO services, and eCommerce, they have got you covered. This may not be the best option for the budget conscious business owner. Mobile features are on point and up to date.

1 Minute Websites – the great thing about this builder is that they have a service level for every level of feature and budget. They can create your site in minutes, and also provide content, SEO services, and their mobile design is built in. Reasonably priced, this is a great option at all feature levels.

Squarespace – offering a free trial to check out the service is a great option from Squarespace. There services are all encompassing, and they will even help you to find your domain. All mobile services are integrated, and you can choose the options you want. They offer templates for portfolios, online stores, and informational sites.


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