Many small business owners think of time management tools as ways to merely track their employees’ work hours. Truth is, these tools can be used for many other purposes, with the ultimate one being to streamline work processes and operational functions. In doing this, productivity can be increased as well as profit levels. Time management tools — when used properly — can greatly decrease redundancy and provide you with a bird’s eye view of your operations. Here is a close look at several of today’s best time management tools and how you can get the most out of your most precious commodity. TIME!


This time management tool aims at providing you with a distraction-free work environment. SelfControl does not block your workers from the entire Internet. Instead, it enables you to create a custom ‘blacklist’ of sites that you don’t want your employees visiting while performing their work-related tasks. For example, everyone knows much time can be wasted when surfing Facebook. SelfControl allows you to add this site to a blacklist, which prohibits your workers from accessing the site at work. Even better is that you can set the tool to prohibit access to sites on your blacklist for a predetermined amount of time. For instance, if you want your workers to not have access to Facebook for a 2-hour period of time, you can set the tool to block access to the site for that amount of time. Or if you prefer, you can set the site to a 24-hour block. It’s all up to you and your preferences.


When Nutcache was originally released, it had the single purpose of being a time-tracking tool. But thanks to major updates, it functions as a first-class collaborative project management tool as well. From time management functions to invoicing and expense management, this all-in-one application enables small business owners to run multiple web timers, create invoice and expense spreadsheets, view detailed calendars, and much more. One of the latest time-tracking features enables small business owners to assign specific tasks to specific workers as well as use an enhanced filter function to search through massive amounts of data and records.

Remember the Milk

Just as the name of this time management tool implies, it helps you to remember the many important things you need to do, which greatly increases time productivity. With Remember the Milk you can easily manage a slew of to-do lists, and with online access to the application you can remotely view and manage the lists from almost any device that has access to the Internet. One of the most notable features of Remember the Milk is that it sends you time management reminders for your to-do lists via multiple platforms, including SMS messaging, email, and even instant messaging.

Google Calendars

Google Calendars is one of the most valuable time management tools you can use, especially if you and your workers use Gmail. These two tools synchronize with one another, making it exceptionally simple to streamline your day planner, appointments, and to-do lists. Take for example, you receive an email reminder in your Gmail from a vendor about any appointment or an upcoming bill that is due. Google Calendars will automatically add this reminder to your Google Calendars. This tool also has the valuable feature of being able to share the calendars with your employees, allowing everyone to be on the same page at all times. Gone are the days of having to call and remind your employees of upcoming events. Instead, sharing calendars takes care of this for you. And even better is that all of your workers will find it much easier to see when each worker is busy and when they are free.

The best time management practices come in the form of tools. But it also starts with hiring the right employees. By using any of the tools mentioned above, you can be well on your way to boosting productivity as well as profit levels.



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