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The benefits of content marketing are numerous. You can build a reputation for your company as a thought leader. Prospects will develop trust in your business. High-quality content also makes an excellent deliverable on the submit side of a landing page.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of creating and distributing quality content to people. Your company won’t directly aim this content at itself or the services it provides. Instead, the content should focus on issues relating to the industry as a whole.

Cover industry related topics in-depth. Look at issues clients face and showcase current or emerging solutions. Review other products that compliment what your company offers. Display interviews with other industry leaders. Any helpful, relevant information that people will find valuable is a great asset for content marketing.

The eyes of consumers are sharp, they can see when they are just receiving marketing efforts. Adblockers are getting more sophisticated and efficient as people grow weary of advertisements. Content that only consists of ads or promotion of your services will fall flat. Content that people genuinely want will live on to help your company much longer.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

So why should you start a content marketing strategy? First of all, you will increase the visibility of your brand. If you have stellar quality, people will be compelled to share it with others, driving them to your website to get their copies. This new visibility will also begin a process of developing a relationship with your new audience. The newly found traffic will also make an excellent source for lead generation.

Aside from building visibility and a good relationship, you will establish yourself as an authority and thought leader in the industry. Having consistent readers or viewers of your content is an incredibly powerful position to be in.

Watch for people sharing your content on social media networks. Once content gets shared, you have the opportunity to communicate and comment on these posts. Doing this, people will see your brand as available for dialog and willing to chat. People like a personable company that reaches out to them.

You can also use content to answer questions or show prospects things they may not have been considering. Excellent content is a great way to help guide a potential lead through the decision process by clearing up confusions and answering questions they might have.

Content marketing is also a staple of Inbound Marketing. The idea of inbound marketing is to get customers coming to you instead of you blasting a message out to them. If you are offering top-shelf, high-value content people will stream in to get it, then, share it with their colleagues, friends and social networks.

Content Marketing Examples

Even though we’ve been mentioning things like social networks, content marketing is far from a new idea. Some of the world’s best companies have engaged in content marketing strategies for decades, or at least in one case, over a century.

Some argue that John Deere is the grand-daddy of content marketing. Over a 100 years ago (1895) John Deere launched it’s content marketing asset in the form of a print magazine called The Furrow. Flipping through the pages of this publication, you’ll be surprised at how few ads for John Deere equipment exist. Take a look at The Furrow’s website and scroll down. Almost no ads, just awesome, high-quality content that their audience (primarily farmers) would probably enjoy.

If your company doesn’t have a seven figure marketing budget, you don’t have to do a print magazine. Take a look at Callaway’s YouTube channel. Yes, they do have several reviews for their own products. But, they also have a large supply of related videos – like this playlist full of golf tips.

There are a lot of examples of great content marketing out there. Do your research, and discover what you can provide your audience!

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